July 20, 2021

5 Benefits of a Shorter Commute

5 Benefits of a Shorter Commute

Enjoy a Shorter Commute

Too many business professionals spend hours sitting in their vehicles every day. This adds up to hundreds of hours in wasted time annually—not to mention the detrimental social, environmental, and health impacts.

1. Personal Health

Long commutes are responsible for various health issues such as high blood pressure and mental strain. Obesity and back pain are also connected to long commutes. In addition to contributing to higher rates of absenteeism, these health issues can lead to other more serious issues, including death.

2. Regain Lost Productivity

69% of workers indicate they become more productive when they transitioned to a shorter commute. Rather than sitting in vehicles and packed in public transit for upwards of 6 to 7 hours each week, workers can dedicate some of that time for work-related activities. In addition, healthier and happier, workers are more focused and collaborative when they have shorter commutes.

3. Work-Life Balance

Spending time commuting each day sometimes minimizes the amount of time workers can spend with family, friends and on projects and causes that they value. According to Scientific American, almost 60% of workers with long commutes complained that they have no time to pursue their own interests—even an occasional outing with friends.

Work-Life Balance

4. Less Environmental Impact.

Reducing the amount of time people spend in their cars reduces environmental impact—less gas, less pollution, less congestion. Studies show people are exposed to harmful air pollution as they spend more time in their vehicles or even on public transportation.

5. Minimizing Social Engagement.

Workers with longer commutes are more likely to participate in events that don’t encourage social distancing. Tasks like stopping at gas stations, grabbing some food before your commute or even seeking assistance when your car break down all encourage person-to-person interactions. With Covid-19 still rapidly spreading, it is important to keep social distancing as much as we can.


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