John Hugger


So I saw this place a couple years back and always had my eye on it. My wife and I shopped around for houses but could never find what we wanted because in our price range everything needed work. So I remembered SOHO and went by and took a look. We absolutely loved it. My wife is a hair stylist so we set up a studio salon at the bottom because these places are mixed use and zoned commercial. It saves us 3k per month because she doesn’t have to pay for a studio now. The place is built really well and any minor issues were resolved immediately. Love the location and our neighbors are great. If you have a business and want to run it from home, SOHO is the perfect set up. Not to mention the tax break you receive.


Karen U.


We have our business office at SOHO and love the modern, eco-friendly architecture and open peaceful space. This location is ideal as it is close to great shopping and restaurants without the hassle of crowds and traffic. SOHO offers a secure environment and close-knit community that is something we value and very much appreciate.


Denise Recchia


I am so happy during my research  of property in Scottsdale to have found Soho! My husband and I are so looking forward in living part-time in this modern, beautiful, well planned project.  We were looking for something different, easy to maintain when we are traveling and so happy to have found this project. Love the artistic innovation plan of the Live/Work loft and Townhome development. The new technology with the Gigablast from Cox will work well as my husband works from home and this will make a very easy access for him. Irene has been wonderful to work with and has addressed our every need.


The amenities of having the first floor restaurant, bakery etc. will be a fun addition to make for a quick easy stop to purchase what you need, rather than having to leave your community.  We are more than excited to move into our new residence. Hopefully very soon.


Lisa T.


I want to say thank you for all the hard work the SOHO Scottsdale team has done on my Townhouse from start to end. The experience has been so positive, I truly appreciated all the final touches in my 4 story home. Everything from the quality of the doors to the appliances and the Kohler faucets. All of the basics are of higher quality and I have never been so pleased. Also, my elevator in my home is such an amazing, fun and extra convenience.


I truly am so excited about my new home, thank you again for being a wonderful and experienced home developer, that actually cares about the buyer.




I absolutely LOVE living at SOHO Scottsdale! My condo is gorgeous, modern, spacious and so unique! The location is perfect with everything I need at my fingertips. I am extremely happy to have found this little gem in North Scottsdale!




I love your plan. You have such a great vision for Soho. Absolutely love the live-work concept as we had lived in live work Prospect Neighborhood in Longmont CO and it was so adorable and the envy of the front range near Denver CO. Our place was work on first level 500sq ft and live on 2nd and 3rd. windows on 3 sides with one common wall. right on the center square park. it was small but great for us at that point in our biz. So excited to see the next phase as it happens. We are outside a lot and so we see so many people out looking at the signs, smiling and taking pictures.


Ken Naiff / June Cohen


The physical space is fabulous—very Manhattan-like, plus there’s something sophisticated about taking an elevator to your home. It’s also the freedom to work at your business without worrying about the other residents because they’re working at their business as well. We find it a tremendous advantage to be able to meet, talk and spend time with clients in our own environment and it feels perfectly legitimate. You can concentrate on your work much better when you like where you live. It’s an excellent value that you cannot find in lofts and condo/townhouses in metro Phoenix for the kind of prices SOHO Scottsdale is asking.